Start your trip to Spanish and discover our culture with Spanish in Cancun!

General Spanish course

The course consists of 4 hours of Spanish class in group. General Spanish course lessons are Monday to Friday from 9:30am – 1:30pm in the day.
During the 4 hours of class daily, students learn and practice grammar, work on oral communication, writing and listening skills.
Thanks to the small size groups, all students have plenty of opportunities to actively take part in the class.
Our Course will fully immerse you in our culture and you can practice all of your knowledge in a simple, practical, enjoyable and completely real way.
Our lessons take place in different locations, you can choose the best option for you.

Semi private and private lessons

The course consists of Spanish classes shared with another student. I’ts a great and an affordable solution for couples, friends with the same level of Spanish or One to One lessons. In this lesson will learn Spanish with a private teacher and improve either topic selected by us based on your skills or topics of your preference.  We provide individual tuition at all levels of Spanish.
The contents, times and starting dates of these private classes can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

We can also offer similarly tailor-made classes for two students, studying together, providing you have similar levels and linguistic needs.

Do you want to learn or improve your level of Spanish?
Sign up for our courses in Spanish in Cancun!

Choose between 15, 20 or 25 classes, and you can also add extra conversation or culture classes to improve your practice!
No matter what schedule you need, we will find the space for you!
Start your trip to Spanish and discover our culture with Spanish in Cancun!

Our courses are taught by fully qualified native Spanish speakers who will help you learn quickly and naturally through the most advanced techniques and a methodology in which constant interaction is essential.

*Maximum of 4 students per group class.
*Minimum age 16
*Any number of weeks.
*1 hour = 50 minutes.
*Course book (not incl.), approx. 50 USD

Our learning program is based on the european frame of reference for languages as follows:

Might know very basic words and phrases. At the end might be able to understand basic words and phrases if spoken to slowly. Communicated basic ideas and phrases and identifies common day words. Can introduce himself, others and ask basic questions.

Able to communicate in daily social and touristy scenarios. Basic personal and familiar information, shopping, can describe simple aspects of his/her background and environment.

Able to understand main points related to work, school, leisure, etc. and deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken. Able to produce simple text on topics of personal interest. Can describe experiences and events,and produce opinions related to them.

Able to understand the main ideas and contents of complex texts and interact with fluency without stopping to think for answers. Can explain the advantages and disadvantages of various situations and produce clear texts on different topics.

Can undertsnad demanding texts and their meaning. Able to express himself/herself fluently and with spontaneity. Use of language for social, academic and technical purposes. produces complex and well connected text.

Will be able to understand mostly everything read or heard. Can express himself/herself very fluently in complex situations and with the accent where the language was learnt. Able to work in a local environment.

Each level would require 4 weeks to complete you can take a course with us from 1 week but we usually recommend a minimum of 2 and 4 or more weeks would be ideal.

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